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Ingredient of the Month: Pumpkin

  • Oct 14, 2014

One of the oldest and most celebrated native crops, pumpkins are a fall favorite at the dinner table.

Check out these fun pumpkin facts:

Originally called pompions, or large gourds, pumpkins were cultivated in England in the mid-sixteenth century. English colonists were familiar with pumpkins prior to settling in North America and began growing them when they arrived.

A favorite way American colonists prepared pumpkins in the 1600’s was to scoop out the seeds and fill the cavity with sweetened, spiced milk, and cook them near a fire. They were also used in puddings, pancakes, pies, soups, stews and tarts, as well as flavoring in bread, cakes and ale.

In late-nineteenth-century America, the pumpkin became associated with Halloween as a Jack-o’-Lantern as a result of the famous headless horseman in Washington Irving’s Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Over one billion pounds of pumpkin are produced in the United States each year!

Celebrate the season by cooking pumpkin spice bread, pumpkin tart, or pumpkin cupcakes with Welcome Home Brands Rectangular Loaf Pans, Mini Loaf Pans, Ruffled Baking Cups, and Cube Cups. With several styles and designs, paper bakeware is perfect for bringing to parties, to the office, or school functions. Just bake, serve and give all in one mold!

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