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Ingredient of the Month: Eggnog

  • Nov 06, 2014

What is it?

Eggnog is a frothy holiday beverage made with milk, cream, sugar and whipped eggs. Brandy, rum or bourbon may also be added.

Tasty eggnog toppings include whipped cream, meringue, cinnamon, ice cream or chocolate curls.

Eggnog Facts

Eggnog comes from the word “noggin”, which refers to a small wooden mug that was used to serve alcohol in the mid seventeenth century.

Eggnog has been served at holiday parties in the United States since the nineteenth century.

Before eggnog, there was “posset”, a hot English drink in which the white and yolk of eggs were whipped with ale, cider or wine. Americans adapted this old English recipe during the nineteenth century to produce a variety of milk-based drinks that combined rum, brandy or whiskey with cream.

President George Washington’s recipe for eggnog included rye whiskey, sherry and rum.

Eggnog can also be used to flavor pancakes, French toast, cheesecake, bread, cookies, ice cream and more.

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