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Almond Joy

  • Dec 15, 2014

Picture this: Steam from cooling baked goods warms the kitchen, and the sweet aroma of gingerbread and lemon crumb cake wafts throughout the house. Ah, the magic of the holidays!

Our recent blog posts have focused on the virtues of gingerbread and lemon for all your holiday sweet treats. But as far as virtue goes, the almond also deserves a shout-out. Like lemons, almonds are revered for their health benefits. Huffington Post even granted these disease-fighting nuts a coveted spot on their list of the 50 healthiest foods of all time. Like lemons, almonds have an illustrious history. King Tut even took almonds to his grave to nourish him on his journey into the ancient Egyptian afterlife.

But it’s really the history of desserts—or perhaps just desserts themselves—that we’re interested in. Because while almonds add depth and richness to everything from meats to sauces, the buttery flavor of almonds is put to its best use in such scrumptious desserts as almond butter muffins, almond joy tarts, and pear-almond-maple loaves. Try fresh strawberry cupcakes with almond buttercream—sure to melt in your mouth—or perhaps almond green tea cupcakes if you want to up the antioxidant ante. Welcome Home Brands bake ware is perfect for whipping up cupcakes or some macaroons—small, circular cakes typically made from ground almonds—or even macaroon cupcakes.

Finally, as any baker worth his or her salt knows, pair almonds with chocolate and you can’t go wrong. From chocolate cupcakes shrouded in almond cream cheese frosting to mini chocolate-almond tortes, almonds and chocolate are simply sublime!


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