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Gingerbread Man

  • Dec 01, 2014

This year, let us help you celebrate the holidays with lavish desserts, the proper finale to any holiday meal. After all, nothing ushers in the season quite like the sweet aroma of lemon loaf bread, almond coffee cake or still-warm gingerbread.

Speaking of the latter, gingerbread was a staple not only in festivities throughout the ages—think ancient Greek ceremonies and medieval European gingerbread fairs—but also in folk tales, including “The Gingerbread Man,” in which a boy taunts a series of characters who can’t catch him and is ultimately devoured by a fox.

Lucky fox.

The rich, spicy flavor of gingerbread was surely tempting. But this aromatic treat has a versatility that extends beyond a man made of ginger who can run fast. The unassuming ginger root has a medicinal agenda and is used to remedy a host of ailments. While ginger is revered for its health benefits, it’s the irresistible taste it lends to homemade desserts that lingers. Use Welcome Home loaf pans and baking cups to make dense gingerbread loaves, moist gingerbread cupcakes or melt-in-your-mouth gingerbread pudding. Spice up your confections with a hint of molasses, top them with whipped cream or old-fashioned glaze, and infuse them with holiday spices.

Better make a run for them, though; your guests are sure to gobble them up quickly. Be sure to add gingerbread to your holiday repertoire, and remember: whatever culinary rituals you choose to embrace this season, quality time spent with family adds a fulfilling element to even the most mouthwatering of meals.

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