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To the New Year

  • Dec 29, 2014

Against the backdrop of sculpted snowflakes and silvery stars, the holidays march toward their grand finale: New Year’s Eve. In a fitting tribute to both stars and the New Year’s Eve beverage of choice, Dom Perignon commenced the modern-day history of champagne with this famous quote, “Come quickly! I’m tasting stars!”

Why not reach for the stars with delectable desserts that may just rival the dropping of the ball in Times Square, such as sparking champagne cupcakes? Incredibly moist with savory fruit undertones, these cupcakes are the perfect gift to help friends and family ring in the New Year. Maximize flavor with a cream filling and sprinkle with garnishes to give them a festive flair. Not a champagne connoisseur? Don’t fret—any sparkling wine will work.

Or instead, prepare a Yule Log Cake and honor the European tradition of burning the Yule log, which has historical connotations of warding off bad luck during the New Year. For a dessert that’s above reproach, indulge yourself with this springy sponge cake filled with creamy frosting and festooned with rich frosting.

Both champagne cupcakes and Yule Log Cake bake beautifully in Welcome Home Brands oven safe paper and plastic bakeware, as does the divine dessert known as flan. There’s no need for fancy porcelain cups or dishes to prepare this vanilla egg custard, just use any of our baking cups. This sinfully sweet sponge cake is perfect to celebrate the impending New Year and to symbolize the pomp and circumstance of the concluding holiday season.

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