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Winter Doldrums? Try This!

  • Jan 05, 2015

In the forbidding months of January and February, there’s more to enjoy than sledding down snow-covered hillsides and skating on frozen ponds. Whip up some home-style treats, build a roaring fire, and settle in for a toasty evening of good books, good company and good sustenance.

Let’s hone in on the treat part. Winter provides the perfect opportunity for expanding your baking repertoire and taking a bite out of chilly winter mornings. Warm doughnuts are the perfect start to a cold day, and the versatility of Welcome Home bakeware allows you to prepare perfectly molded, perfectly delicious doughnuts without muss or fuss.

What makes a doughnut a doughnut, after all? The origin of the doughnut is hotly debated, and there are countless varieties of doughnuts around the globe. We can agree on one thing, however: homemade is better than store-bought, and baked is better than fried. Also, as long as it tastes divine, who cares? Glaze with chocolate or dust with confectioner’s sugar, bake in our Ruffled Baking Cups, and pair with hot coffee or wash down with cold milk. It’s perfection.

Crullers, the doughnut’s cousin, are another great morning option. Like doughnuts, these are traditionally fried, but try them baked to golden perfection instead for a heavenly treat. And forget ho-hum cinnamon rolls—try cinnamon roll cupcakes instead. These scrumptious beauties won’t last, but if you can, save a few for late afternoon snacks, a warm and welcome reprieve as the winter shadows loom and you settle in for another evening of cozy contentedness.

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