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The South Personified

  • Jan 19, 2015

There are certain things that make the South the South.

For starters, Southern cooking is legendary, and that includes Southern desserts. You’ll find no shortage of peaches or pecans in the sweet treats of the South. Historically, the leading pecan producing state in the U.S. has been Georgia—also known as the Peach State. Fresh Georgia peaches are legendary from coast to coast, and from peach cobbler to fresh peach pie (and praline pecans to pecan pie), a Southern celebration isn’t complete without the aforementioned nut or fruit. Give a new twist to Southern desserts with pecan tassies, miniature tart-like pies that bake perfectly in our Ruffled Baking Cups and peach streusel muffins (ditto on the bakeware).

In the South, hospitality is also a given. If you’re new to the neighborhood, expect your neighbors to drop by and welcome you with fresh-from-the-oven baked goods. If you drop in on someone, you can count on being asked to stay and have a bite, and usually that bite includes some of the South’s beloved pound cake. A staple of the South, pound cake is easily substituted by loaf cake or cupcakes prepared in our bakeware.

Finally, a true Southerner recognizes the art of setting an elegant table. Make your dining room table a showstopper, and adorn it with sparkling goblets, luminous china banded in platinum, delicate linens and a lush centerpiece of— ta da!— home-style peach cupcakes topped with chopped pecans. Let the rich fragrance of Southern baked goods beckon you to the feast. Oh, and y’all sit and stay a spell.

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