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Home on the Range

  • Jan 26, 2015

O, give me a home, where the buffalo roam and the desserts keep comin’ all day.

While the Wild West may conjure up images of guns slinging and saloon shootouts, the American West today is more civilized, though this region’s desserts lean toward the adventurous (and delicious!) side.

It’s fitting that John Denver sang a version of “Home on the Range,” as he also sings “Rocky Mountain High.” Idaho, the Rocky Mountain State, has dubbed the huckleberry as the state’s official fruit. Cousin of blueberries, huckleberries are high in antioxidants and rich, tart flavor. Bears love them, and so do we. Substitute them for blueberries in muffins, cupcakes and loaf cakes. Or, as another alternative, try using marionberries. Prized in Oregon and sometimes called “The Cabernet of Blackberries,” these juicy jewels are an excellent addition to all of your baked goods.

Moving on to California, the Golden State, citrus fruits occupy pride of place. Orange and lemon cupcakes are always light and moist, with sweet floral notes. And don’t forget about limes, which bring a bold flavor to cupcakes and muffins, and our Lime Dot line is perfect for lime and even avocado cupcakes.

You read that right. Move over, guacamole, because avocados work surprisinglywell in dessert recipes, too. This all-purpose little fruit offers up a delicate flavor, creamy consistency and a healthy punch, and you can substitute the super-moist avocado for butter or even eggs. Decorate your non-traditional baked goods with cream cheese or even yummy lime frosting. Happy Trails.

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