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A Cinematic Smorgasbord

  • Feb 09, 2015
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Last month we blogged about books that celebrate baking. While you can’t read and bake at the same time, you can pop in a movie and let it serve as the backdrop while you whip up some cupcakes, loaf cake or muffins in our bakeware. And since our products help streamline the baking process, there’s more time to focus on the film. Here are some old favorites.

It’s Complicated – A classic romantic comedy, this film features Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin as well as Meryl Strep, who plays a successful bakery owner. In one deliciously memorable and mouth-watering scene, Strep takes Martin to her bakery after hours and offers to make him anything on the menu. You can practically smell and taste his choice – chocolate croissants – from your television screen.

Julie and Julia – For more Meryl, check out this film about a real-life blogger who aspired to cook all 524 recipes within Julia Child’s cookbook in a single year. The magical art of cooking is featured prominently throughout, including several decadent desserts guaranteed to make you swoon.

Chocolat – It’s always fun to re-watch this 2000 film about an expert chocolatier who opens a chocolate shop in a French village where her confections soon start changing lives. Forget popcorn—you’ll have a craving for chocolate cupcakes during this one.

Bridesmaids – In this irreverent romantic comedy, the main character laments the shuttering of her bakery, Cake Baby. Later, we watch her prepare a single elaborate cupcake for herself, gorgeously decorated and serving as confectionary comfort food for the soul.


Purchased green cake size boxes at Xms.tree Shop, but used them for my St. Patrick’s Day card game party as a Take Home. Plastic Spring Flower windmill and a cute clear bag of St. Patrick candies .
There were seven of us Weary Winter Women and I thought it would perk us up from the mounds of snow outside my Igloo. :) There were so many oohs & aahs when I said they could all bake a cake in their little box. Congrats to you for these wonder boxes and will now bake some breads & cakes etc. Great Gift Ideas!

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