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The Pacific Northwest Personified

  • Feb 16, 2015

What comes to mind when you envision the cuisine of the Pacific Northwest? Salmon gets top billing, of course, as does other fresh seafood. But beyond the main course, what we all really want to focus on is dessert. After all, no matter the region, what would a proper meal be without a decadent dessert?

Washington State is renowned for its apples. From the Golden Delicious to Fuji to Granny Smith, the apples of Washington State have more than earned this crop its moniker as the official state fruit. Why not whip up some apple muffins, applesauce cake in a loaf pan, or caramel apple cupcakes? The latter—spiced cupcakes bursting with fresh apples and swathed in caramel sauce or caramel icing—are perfect for chilly winter days.

Another worthy contender in the desserts category is Nanaimo bars. Technically of Canadian origin, these chocolate-infused treats have made their way down from Nanaimo, British Columbia, into the Pacific Northwest. A graham cracker crumb base is topped by light custard buttercream, followed by a glossy layer of chocolate. These bars are surprisingly easy to make, and you can even use one of our loaf pans instead of a typical rectangular pan. And, for those who are watching their weight, the density of these concoctions means a smaller portion will satisfy your sweet tooth.

After caramel apple cupcakes and Nanaimo bars, dessert is more than covered, but we don’t want to leave out Idaho—or their potatoes. Warm days and cool nights give Idaho potatoes their one-of-a-kind reputation and taste, making them the perfect side-dish accompaniment to Pacific Northwest salmon. Use some of our bakeware to whip up mashed potato cups, cheesy potato puffs, hashed brown cups or anything your imagination conjures up.

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