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A Little Pie on the Prairie

  • Mar 09, 2015

The Midwest is America’s heartland, and as such, Midwestern cuisine is iconic American fare with deep historical roots. Most of us don’t know the history of dessert, which began in ancient times with fruit rolled in honey, but we know it’s an American tradition to finish a meal with a sweet course. And in terms of choosing a specific sweet, what’s more American than apple pie?

Did you know you can make mini pies in muffin pans using Welcome Home Brands bakeware? They’re perfectly proportioned, and you can use all different kinds of fruit for a variety of choices. Plus no slicing is required. You can use refrigerated pie crust or make your own from scratch; look online for a plethora of recipes. A large cookie cutter works well for sizing the dough. Just like other Midwestern food, pie is hearty and filling, so one mini pie is an ideal single serving. You can still use all the cups in the muffin tin and freeze the extras.

If you’re looking for more Midwestern-inspired sweets, check out Midwest Sweet Baking History: Delectable Classics Around Lake Michigan by Jenny Lewis. Lewis is a chef and pastry instructor from Chicago whose book includes recipes from far beyond the borders of Illinois. The book is packed with historical tidbits and billed as one that will help you “discover how the Midwest refined the nation’s sweet tooth through a delicious mix of immigrant traditions and American ingenuity.” From more pie, muffin and cake recipes, also look for Heartland Baking: All-American Cakes, Cookies, Pies and Pastries, Breads and Bars. Full-color photographs will inspire you to roll up your sleeves and start rolling out pie crust.

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