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Thinking Outside the Box: Celebrating Holidays

  • Apr 20, 2015

We recently published a “Baking Outside the Box” blog that illustrates the versatility of our bakeware and hopefully provides inspiration for how to use our products beyond traditional muffins and cupcakes. In that same spirit, we’re suggesting that you celebrate some not-so-traditional holidays that are happening this month.

April Fools’ Day. Usher in April with some fun sweet treats. Though we are not necessarily advocating food pranks, April 1st does provide an opportunity to play practical jokes on those you love. Recipes for cupcakes made with meat and frosted with mashed potatoes abound on the Internet. (As a bonus, they are surprisingly yummy.) Of course, you should also bake some real dessert cupcakes to make up for your hoax.

National Coffee Cake Day. Every year on April 7th, National Coffee Cake Day occurs—who knew? You probably did know that coffee cake doesn’t actually contain coffee. It’s a single-layer cake that can be baked in any type of bakeware (our loaf pans, baking cups, and heart baking pans are perfect) and flavored any way you like. Cinnamon, brown sugar, sour cream, fruits, seeds, nuts and drizzles are all fair game. So this April 7th, perk a cup o’ joe and enjoy some savory crumbled coffee cake.

Tax Day. Are your taxes done? What better reason to celebrate! On April 15th, rum cupcakes are the perfect end note to those weeks of pulling your hair out as you squinted at your returns (or made repeated phone calls to your accountant). And if you’re the accountant? You’ve earned two rum cupcakes. Tax procrastinators? File an extension, eat a cupcake, and get to work!

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