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Ode to White Chocolate

  • May 04, 2015

National White Chocolate Day is September 22nd, but why not start celebrating early? Rich and creamy with a smooth ivory color, white chocolate gives us a lot to celebrate. It nicely complements your other baking ingredients and has a sweetly delicate flavor.

This distinct flavor comes from its mixture of cocoa butter, sugar and milk; no chocolate liquor is present, which is what gives dark and milk chocolates their more intense flavor. In fact, white chocolate is not strictly characterized as a “true” chocolate in some countries because it contains no cocoa solids, but in the U.S., the FDA has accepted white chocolate into the chocolate fold.

Other fun facts? It’s believed that white chocolate was invented by the Nestlé company in Switzerland during the 1930s, which is when the first white chocolate bar hit the shelves. White chocolate has no caffeine, and just like dark and milk chocolates, white chocolate can melt in your mouth.

White chocolate is perfect for cake bars, white chocolate cookie cups, white chocolate cake, or cupcakes with white chocolate icing. Pair it with coconut, cream cheese, fruit or even peanut butter—it’s versatile enough that almost anything works! And of course, our bakeware is perfect for whipping up your white chocolate confections. One caveat: Keep in mind that the lack of chocolate liquor means that white chocolate is also softer than dark chocolate and is therefore more likely to scorch. Pay close attention when melting it, and use low heat. Bon appétit!

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