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Baking with Coconut

  • May 11, 2015

From fresh coconut to coconut flakes, coconut oil to coconut flour, this tropical treat adds a depth of flavor and sweetness to your baked goods. Grab some of our bakeware and your favorite form of coconut (see details below) and whip up some of your favorite desserts.

Fresh coconut. We all love convenience, so using pre-shredded coconut is tempting. Plus it’s an ideal garnish or topping on your favorite desserts. But there’s nothing like fresh coconut. While opening a coconut may seem daunting, your common household tools will work wonders. Take a hammer or screwdriver and use it to pierce the husk, and work your way from there. Or put the whole coconut in the oven and heat it until the shell cracks open.

Coconut oil. In lieu of butter, margarine or shortening, substitute coconut oil in your baking recipes. You’ll end up with a hint of the rich, nutty flavor plus the nutrient-dense oil of the coconut, which is full of antioxidants and counts toward the healthy fats you need in your diet.

Coconut butter. This is another fantastic substitute for real butter, and it’s revered by bakers and health fanatics alike. Use it as a spread for breads and muffins, or add it right into the batter.

Coconut flour. Continue on your health kick by using coconut flour, but keep in mind that coconut flour to grain flours is not a one-to-one ratio. Many baking websites recommend a quarter cup of coconut flour per cup of grain flour. You can experiment by working a little coconut flour into your recipes and adjusting as needed. Oh, and it is gluten free to boot!

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