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Baking Outside the Box: May Holidays

  • May 18, 2015

Anybody can get inspired to bake on Mother’s Day or Memorial Day (and you should!), but there are other May holidays worthy of your eggs, butter and rolling pin (oh, and Welcome Home Bakeware, of course).

May 1st: May Day. Celebrate spring and fill a May Day basket with delicious baked goods. May Day is a joyous holiday hearkening the arrival of spring and featuring a maypole (optional), dancing, singing and cake (mandatory). Whip up some sensational spring dessert recipes featuring the freshest, most festive ingredients: rhubarb walnut muffins, carrot cake loaves, lemon bars, vanilla cupcakes with fresh strawberry cream, apricot streusel and blackberry tartlets, just to name a few.

May 5th: Cinco de Mayo. Have a fiesta with tres leches cupcakes made in our colorful bakeware. The fifth of May is often mistakenly heralded as Mexico’s Independence Day, but this date actually commemorates Mexico’s victory over the French in the 1862 Battle of Puebla. Traditional tres leches cupcakes, which are made moist and delicious with evaporated milk, condensed milk and coconut milk are the perfect addition to any Cinco de Mayo celebration or spring barbeque. Top with toasted coconut or fresh cinnamon to tempt the taste buds of all of your guests.

May 17: World Baking Day. The goal is to get people all over the world baking for their loved ones. Surprise friends and family with homemade muffins, cupcakes and more, letting them know how much you care. There’s even an online pledge; personalize your pledge and share it with the special people in your life. Then get baking!

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