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Ode to Devil's Food

  • Jun 01, 2015

“The devil made me do it.”

While this may not be a valid excuse, it is a well-known catchphrase. And when it comes to devil’s food cake, maybe it is valid after all. This sinfully good chocolate cake is darker, richer, denser and more flavorful than standard chocolate cake.

Early devil’s food recipes called for unsweetened baking chocolate, and later, red food coloring or shredded beets. Today, thanks to the use of cocoa powder (or even coffee) and extra baking soda, devil’s food cake has earned a reputation as the chocolate version of angel food cake.

What’s in a name? There is some dispute about where the name “Devil’s Food” originated. Certainly, the contrast between it and angel food cake is distinctive, but the airy lightness of angel food (also worth adding to your baking repertoire) is nothing like the more robust sweetness of devil’s food cake. There are also comparisons to its cousin, red velvet cake, which we blogged about recently, as both are chocolate cakes with varying degrees of a distinctive dark red or brownish red color. But devil’s food cake is typically a layer cake and often includes extra chocolate, though no pre-melted chocolate is required.

Multiple sources cite Mrs. Rorer’s New Cook Book published in 1902 as the first to include a recipe for devil’s food cake. Today, recipes for this quintessential chocolate cake abound. Vanilla buttercream frosting or chocolate ganache glaze both make the perfect finishing touch. And of course, our bakeware is ideal for baking individual devil’s food cakes, cupcakes or even muffins. So why not try your hand at devil’s food today?


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