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Go Beyond Banana Bread: Get Creative with Your Loaf Pan

  • Jul 27, 2015

In the world of bakeware, the loaf pan sometimes gets short shrift. But this versatile little pan should not be overlooked; give it top billing alongside muffin and cupcake cups as a staple in your kitchen and your recipe repertoire. After all, loaf pans allow you to bake smaller recipe portions, perhaps for yourself and one other, than full casserole dishes. They’re also perfect for charming little gifts of fresh-baked breads or desserts. Welcome Home Brands offers a seven-inch and 4.5-inch rectangular loaf baking pans, and with these little beauties, the sky’s the limit.

Dessert loaves are a natural starting point. Prepare traditional pound cake and pack it with fragrant ingredients such as cranberries, nuts and spices, and you’ll have the perfect nibble-worthy treat. Or opt for chocolate, which never disappoints. A rich chocolate loaf topped with either peanut butter or more drizzled chocolate is a swoon-worthy confection.

The loaf pan is not limited to desserts—nor is quiche limited to breakfast. Why not try a no-crust quiche in a loaf pan? A bacon-and-egg quiche makes for a breezy brunch, while a veggie or crab quiche is a quick but elegant meal solution for lunch or dinner. Choose any kind of cheese that suits you, from Gruyere to Swiss to cheddar. An extra egg in the batter will help your quiche fully rise to the top.

Who has time to make lasagna on a weeknight? Someone using a loaf pan, that’s who. This smaller-scale option allows you to make a filling and satisfying lasagna for two to four people. You can even make two loaf pans worth and freeze one. No-boil noodles save you time, as does our bakeware, which equates to less cleanup and a streamlined baking process. Voilà!

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