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Let’s Hear it for Ginger: Baking with this Fragrant Spice is a Snap!

  • Aug 03, 2015

Are you slogging through the dog days of summer and ready for a breath of fresh fall air? While ginger is perfect any time of year, you can hasten the arrival of fall by baking with ginger.

Tips & tricks. If your recipe calls for ginger, this refers to dried or powdered ginger, which is more subtle than fresh ginger and can save you some time. But if you’re up for baking with fresh ginger, you’re in for a treat, as it can really liven things up. Peel the outer layer of the bulbous root—a potato peeler or even a teaspoon works well—in the amount you need and then grate it finely into your wet ingredients.

What to whip up. Just like their gingersnap cousins, gingerbread cupcakes and muffins are sure to disappear as fast as you can make them. Carrot and pumpkin pair nicely with ginger, as does cream cheese frosting. Top your carrot cupcakes or pumpkin breads with it and add some cinnamon for extra pizazz. Not up for carrot or pumpkin? The Internet is rife with recipes for lemon ginger cupcakes with lemon glaze or lemon cream cheese frosting.

The added bonus. Using fresh ginger will up the healthiness factor somewhat, but ultimately, ginger is healthy any way you look at it. A 16th-century physician purportedly said, “Ginger does good for a bad stomach,” and anyone who has ever used ginger ale as an antidote to nausea will surely agree. Ginger also reduces pain and inflammation and can improve your circulation. Once you give ginger a try, it’s sure to become an essential element in your best baked goods.

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