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The Culinary Arts: More Than Just A Hobby

  • Aug 17, 2015

If you’re reading this blog, you probably love to bake. Maybe you’ve made scores of breads, cookies, pastries and desserts over the years. Maybe you’re the go-to person when someone wants cupcakes for a child’s party or banana bread for a neighborhood gathering. Maybe you can’t keep enough Welcome Home bakeware on hand for all the baking requests you get, and maybe your home kitchen is no longer big enough for all of your culinary dreams.

If you’re interested in making your love of baking more than just a hobby or you simply love baking, read on. There are numerous degree programs across the country that offer opportunities to become bakers and pastry chefs, and whether you pursue one or not, you can always find inspiration in places where others who share your passion.

Johnson & Wales. Providence, Rhode Island, is home to this multisite university’s first and oldest campus, which bills itself as “the global gold standard” in baking and pastry arts education. On any given day, students are concocting intricate desserts comprised of a multitude of flavors and textures, supervised by faculty and distinguished visiting chefs who are renowned across the world.

The Art Institute. With approximately 50 locations across the U.S., The Art Institute is a viable option for those who want to gain hands-on baking skills without moving far away. Graduates leave with proficient knowledge of baked goods, desserts and confectionaries, as well as insights into current trends in the food industry, critical thinking and business essentials.

Le Cordon Bleu. This professional baking and pastry school has a 100-year heritage and teaches traditional techniques with modern innovations. The program covers an array of skills, including artisan bread production; design and creation of chocolate/sugar showpieces; classic European pastry production; fine pâtisserie and more.

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