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Get Creative with Baking Cups

  • Aug 24, 2015

Everybody knows that Welcome Home Brands all-in-one bakeware is versatile (bake, serve, store and give in the same container!)—but the versatility goes deeper than that.

We have ideas that go well beyond muffins and cupcakes and beyond breakfast and dessert. Use our baking cups to create a whole host of portable meals and snacks—it’s easy! Just portion standard recipes into individual servings, then freeze the ones you don’t eat right away. Present them to your kids, pass them around at parties, and pull them out for leftovers. You end up with all of the flavor but none of the waste or mess. Here are our top picks:

Individual chicken pot pies or shepherd’s pies. Embrace your inner Southerner or your inner Irishman. Load them up with veggies and herbs that will simmer in a rich sauce. Refrigerated biscuits serve as the “pie.”

Mini crab cakes. These make for the perfect party appetizer and portion control is no problem. Try them Cajun style.

Mini meat loaves. Quality protein of your choice (ground beef, turkey or veal)—what’s not to love? Try them made with brown sugar and top with steak or barbecue sauce for extra zing.

Taco cups. It is taco night, and everyone can load up on toppings because our bakeware keeps the portion sizes reasonable. Cut tortillas into small circles for the “shells.”

Granola cups. Customize your morning granola by making mini granola cups. Top with yogurt, honey and fresh fruit and you’ve got yourself a decadent parfait.

What ideas do you have?

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