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Baking through Time

  • Nov 16, 2015

Fellow bakers, join us on a walk through history—the history of Laura Ingalls Wilder, specifically. Her beloved Little House on the Prairie books recount her pioneer childhood on the Western frontier during the late 1800s. There are lovingly detailed passages entirely devoted to the foods that Laura and her family ate, including mouthwatering descriptions of baked breads and cakes. Here we pay tribute to just a few.

True Little House devotees will have no trouble remembering the Christmas that the Ingalls were in Indian Territory, far from town and hemmed in by a roaring creek. Mr. Edwards walked miles to bring presents to the girls, including heart-shaped cakes. The book describes them as such: “Over their delicate brown tops was sprinkled white sugar. The sparkling grains lay like tiny drifts of snow … The cakes were too pretty to eat.” With our heart baking pans, you can bake these sweet, nostalgic cakes and recreate Laura’s excitement all over again.

Later in the series, during These Happy Golden Years, Laura and Almanzo are married, and she and her Ma bake a big white cake to celebrate. Laura ruefully complained that her arm was stiff from beating the cake’s egg whites with a fork for so long, but Ma insisted that the cake must be just right. Fortunately, we don’t have to work quite as hard today to create “just right” sweets, and we can still end up with delicious mini cakes, wedding and otherwise, using Welcome Home Brands bakeware.

Though Laura and her family are long gone, her legacy lives on. Pay tribute to her by whipping up a heart cake or mini celebratory cake today.

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