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Say Cheese!

  • Mar 08, 2016

Cream cheese is so 2015. This year, let’s make goat cheese all the rage. After all, it’s the new go-to, game-changing ingredient that can add decadence and deliciousness, not to mention a luxurious, velvety texture, to all of your baked goods, desserts and more.

French cheesemakers have long revered the unique properties of goat cheese, officially known as chèvre, and have been crafting it for eons. Here’s a quick primer on this noble yet humble cheese.

The goat (speaking of humble) is one of the first animals that was domesticated, a practice that gave birth to the making of goat cheese. As ancient Mediterraneans migrated to Spain and France, they brought the practice with them. Today, goat cheese is still standard fare in the Mediterranean, but so too has it established a foothold in North America. From boutique dairy farms to nationally renowned cheese producers, it seems everyone is jumping on the goat cheese bandwagon—and with good reason.

Not only does the distinctive tangy flavor differ from cow cheeses, it packs a lower caloric punch and is lower in fat and cholesterol than cow cheese products. Goat cheese also has more calcium than its cousin, cream cheese, and is high in vitamin A and potassium.

As if you needed another reason to love it, goat cheese works as a stand-alone dessert as well as a terrific complement to desserts that feature nuts, fruits or honey. You’re not limited to baking desserts with it, of course. Use our large loaf pans to whip up some yummy dips and appetizers with goat cheese as the main ingredient. Bon appétit!

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